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Link Stick LED Universal Tool

  • Bright, unbreakable 1-watt LED light.
  • Light weight aluminum body, only 6.8 oz with batteries.
  • Pointed head for breaking off of ice or debris
  • Notched straight arm to secure fuse while lowering or raising hot stick
  • Curved arm for hanging
  • HI-LOW switch for increased battery life
  • Water resistant battery compartment with sealed silicone rubber push button
  • Sealed borosilicate window to resist heat and flash
  • Passed 3000 V, 8000 A, 1/2 sec (30 cycles) arc blast test
  • Easy access (no tools required) battery compartment door
  • Universal splined slotted connector attaches to hot sticks
  • Runs on three (3) AAA alkaline or lithium (cold weather use) batteries.
  • Waterproof to 1 meter.
What is the LLT Litfinger ?

The LLT Lit-finger, is a link stick adapter tool that has a built in L.E.D light system, driven by 3x AAA alkaline batteries.

What are its features ?

The Litfinger link stick adapter head is the first of its kind in South Africa. The built in LED light system is for use in dark and unlighted areas, making it safer and more efficient for night operations, and providing a safer tool than the traditional brass units.

Its special features include fitting all major hot sticks with its universal slotted connector, running on 3x AAA alkaline batteries, having a lightweight aluminium body, having passed international arc blast tests, and having an easy access on-off switch. Used on distribution lines (3 V-33 kV) when changing fuse elements, drop out surge arrestors, links or load break switches.

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Part number : LLT-LLTFINGER
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