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Anti-theft earthing cable

Anti theft cable consists of : Composite of steel wire and copper.

The ever increasing loss of copper cables throughout Southern Africa and the Far East has led LLT to carry out numerous stringent tests on its anti-theft earthing conductor cables to prove its effectiveness and quality.

The ani-theft cable has been tries and tested and was patented in 1994.

The construction of anti-theft makes it uneconomical for bucket shops to recover the copper. The complex weave and steel wires embedded in the cable damages cropping machines situated in bucket shops. Thieves are therefore learning that there is no advantages to stealing this cable as there is no demand.

The cable has a distinct appearance that has become recognizable by thieves and scrap dealers. The diameter of the anti-theft cable is slightly larger than its conventional copper equivalent due to the complexity of the make-up.

The 'anti-theft' earthing strap was developed and patented.

Live Line Technology anti-theft cable - Earthing cable


ANTI-THEFT conductor cable is a composite stranded cable made up of tinned copper wires and galvanised steel wires that are braided-interwoven to form the cable.

ANTI-THEFTcan be used as earth bonding cable or jumper bonds where earth tails are above ground, visible and open to easy theft. The complex braided and interwoven wires of steel and copper make it very difficult to separate and is unattractive and uneconomical to copper thieves and scrap dealers.

ANTI-THEFT is available in "bare" or "insulated" in black or clear.

ANTI-THEFThas been tested by the SABS and Gerotek Test Facilities for electrical properties.

Example: 70mm2 copper cable equivalent KWENA is "70".

Drum length Approximately 290m. Short lengths available on request and depending on stock availability.

Code Bare Code Black Ins Code Clear Ins Kwena Equivalent Max Resistannce
mΩ @ 20°C
Short Circle Current kA
for 1 second
Cable Strands Nominal 0mm
C-204 C-205 C-206 10 1.840 1.7 8.0
C-207 C-208 C-209 16 1.160 2.5 10.2
C-2010 C-2011 C-2012 25 0.734 3.7 12.0
C-2013 C-2014 C-2015 35 0.529 5 12.0
C-2016 C-2017 C-2018 50 0.391 7.5 17.0
C-2019 C-2020 C-2021 70 0.270 11.9 17.0
C-2022 C-2023 C-2024 95 0.195 14.7 19.0
C-2025 C-2026 C-2027 120 0.154 20.4 27.0
C-2028 C-2029 C-2030 150 0.128 25.5 29.0
C-2031 C-2032 C-2033 190 0.098 32.5 33.0


COMPOSITEconductor cable is a composite stranded cable made up of tinned copper wires and galvanised steel wires that are rope layered to form the cable.

COMPOSITEapplications and benefits are the same.

COMPOSITEis available in "bare" or "insulated" in black or clear.

Cross Sect
Area Equiv.
to Cu
Strand (mm²)
Max Res
@ 20
[SABS 1411-1]
Short Circuiit
for 1 sec
Max Peak
16 1.16mΩm 2.94KA 8.0KA 8
25 0.734mΩm 4.35KA 12.5KA 10
35 0.529mΩm 5.88A 17.5KA 10
50 0.391mΩm 8.83A 25.0KA 12
70 0.270mΩm 14.0KA 35.0KA 15
95 0.195mΩm 17.29KA 47.5KA 17
120 0.154mΩm 24.00KA 60.00KA 20
150 0.126mΩm 30.00KA 75.00KA 22

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