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Anti Theft Kit for Pole-mounted Tranformers

LLT Secure-it Kit:

How does it work?

The LLT Secure-It Kit is a unique anti-theft system that secures equipment at pole-mounted installations by means of a specially designed nuts & bolts system. These nuts & bolts can only be tightened & loosened by the LLT tool-set. The 360 degree rotating collar locks-out potential thieves from loosening the LTT nuts & bolts because it limits access to the unique nut securing the pole-mounted transformer to the LLT pole-clamp preventing subsequent damage and theft.


Care needs to taken at installation time. The correct method of tightening the equipment onto the steel cross-arms is important. Care must be to ensure that the installation is tightly secured, to not expose the thread & nuts to the outside. The nut is protected by the collar, but the thread may still need to be protected by round bar aswell, depending on the transformer mounting points.

How do thieves steal the Copper core from pole-mounted transformers?

The transformer structure is vulnerable to thieves, when not correctly secured.

Thieves will open up the fuse links and then attack the soft points on the structure, which are the bolts & nuts.

Once they have loosened the bolts & nuts they can push the transformers off the pole structure and operate on the ground, whereby they cut the transformers to pieces, removing the copper core.

The idea of the LLT-Secure it

Kit is to keep the transformers up on the pole to slow the thieves down and to prevent them from stealing the copper cores inside these units.

How do we secure pole-mounted transformers? 8 easy steps.

Steps to be taken to ensure installation is done correctly:

Step 1 - There must be no visible threads (drill through wooden poles)

Step 2 - 360 Rotating collars on all threads.

Step 3 - Thief will have to cut transformer with a grinder on the structure or cut down the pole.

Step 4 - Drill holes through the poles so that the threaded bar is not exposed to cutting. A combination of 4x threads & 6x unique 360 degree rotating collars & nuts need to be used.

Step 5 - Use 6x 360 degree rotating collar on all the bolts

Step 6 - Install a extra platform at the bottom of the transformer to prevent bottom entry if needs be. This can be stainless steel.

Step 7 - If the thieves have the time to then cut down the pole, then cement poles should be installed.

Step 8 - Vibration equipment combined with cellphone technology can be installed to provide an early warning that there is activity on the platform. This is a early warning system and works with GPS location.

Separate components required:

1) LLT Secure it- Spanner
Part No LLT/SPN01

2) Galv. M20 OR M22 Thread

3) LLT Secure-it Nut

4) 360' Rotating Secure it

5) LLT Pole Clamp
Part No LLT22/3HB

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