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G4420 Blackbox Power Quality Meter

Storage Capacity: By Model :

  • Blackbox G4410 : 128 MB

  • Blackbox G3500 : 256 MB

  • Blackbox G4420 : 4 GB

  • Blackbox G4430 : 16 GB

  • Blackbox G4500 : 32 GB

What is the G4420 Blackbox PQ Meter ?

The Elspec Blackbox G4420 BLACKBOX series is the next generation power quality meter providing accurate detection and isolation of power quality problems for effective preventive maintenance.The Blackbox G4420 is available in South Africa, from Live Line Technology.

The Blackbox models are available in G4410, G3500, G4420, G4430 and G4500 varying in different harddrive storage capabilities.

Applications are the electrical utility market (Eskom & municipalities), mining houses, factories and industries that have power quality problems and need to find out the root cause and effect.

The units are versatile and can be applied on low voltages and amperages at household voltage levels (220v) and can be applied on high voltage systems at transmission levels (275 000v).

The G4420 Blackbox measures the following all electrical, power and energy parameters :

  • Voltage & current, per phase, average, unbalance on phases.
  • Frequency.
  • Power & Energy - bi-directional, import, export, net, total
  • Demand - window, sliding window.
  • Harmonics.
  • Sub-cycle transient event recording.

In addition to real-time monitoring, the BLACKBOX G4420 meter stores onboard all the waveforms of every network cycle at samples rates of 256 to 1,024 for between one day and one year+ (depending on model). By recording all data points on all waveforms, the BLACKBOX eliminates the need for thresholds, triggers or setting parameters for logging.  The BLACKBOX calculates RMS, harmonics, and all desired values from waveforms in post-processing. The total number of parameters is practically unlimited.

The Blackbox G4420 samples at 512 samples per cycle and reads harmonics to the 255th. In addition it offers a 10x measurement during overload and a 16/20 Bit A/D processor for fast processing. With 2048MB of internal memory, the Blackbox G4420 can record 160 million waveforms logs which is one month of data.

Features of the Blackbox G4420/G4430 and G4500 :

  • Up to one year, recording.
  • Measures of all network parameters at up to 1,024/cycle resolution
  • No Triggers/No Thresholds meaning no missed events
  • Patent-pending PQZIP compression technology algorithm with typical 1000:1 compress ratio prevents data gaps by real-time compression performed independent of the sampling
  • Cycle-by-cycle RMS values, frequency and harmonics trends

G4500 Blackbox Power Quality meter

Blackbox G4500 Power Quality in High Definition

Built on the same innovative technology as the BLACKBOX fixed Power Quality Meter (PQA), the Elspec G4500 BLACKBOX Portable Digital Power Meter, with its continuous onboard waveform logging, is the most advanced Voltage recorder on the market. The G4500 BLACKBOX has the power to determine the root cause of all Power Quality (PQ) issues, so plug it in and never miss another event.

The wireless BLACKBOX Portable Digital Power Meter, coined POWER QUALITY (PQ) IN HIGH DEFINITION, logs and stores all information all the time for more than a year at high accuracy, allowing no gaps in data recording. With a built-in 802.11b/g access point and built-in Ethernet router, the BLACKBOX Portable Power Quality Meter allows remote analysis from anywhere.

Blackbox G4500 Benefits:

  • No Thresholds/ No Missed Events: Continuous 1+ year logging of all network parameters.
  • Captures Everything: Cycle by Cycle RMS values, frequency, harmonics, and trends.
  • Sampling Rate: Voltage up to 1024 Samples per cycle. Current up to 256 Samples per Cycle.
  • Quickly Retrieve Data: Built-in Web server for remote monitoring using a standard Web browser.
  • Rechargeable Power Supply: Built in battery with up to 2 hours of stand-by power
  • Remote Connectivity and Diagnostics: Wireless 802.11g access point.
  • Free Software Included: PQSCADA and Investigator Power Analysis software with automatic EN50160.
  • Full Compliance with IEC6100-4-30 Class A.

Blackbox G4500 Accessories included :

  • 1 X Custom Clamp 3-Flexible Current Probes
  • 1 X Custom Clamp 1-Flexible Current Probes
  • Voltage Leads (Automatically Detected)
  • DC Voltage Cords
  • Durable Carrying Case
  • Rechargeable Power Supply (2 Hours Standby)
  • Wireless Network
  • PQSCADA/Investigator Software CD
  • Mobile Analysis Lab

Equaliser – Power Factor Correction

The Equalizer

A world leading optimal solution for electrical energy savings and power quality solutions. The Equalizer is the world's fastest real-time power quality enhancement system optimizes power factor correction, energy savings, voltage support, harmonic filtration, and more, for a variety of dynamic loads.

Voltage ranges include from 220v – 690v. High voltages from 690 <.

International standards : IEC 831-1/2, EN 50081-2, EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5/, EN60439-1, UL 508.

Benefits of the Equaliser :

  • Transient-Free Solid-state capacitors
  • Cycle-by-cycle accurate reactive power
    compensation energy savings.
  • Harmonic filtration (optional).
  • Includes comprehensive Power Quality
  • Self testing and comprehensive monitoring.
  • Long lifetime expectancy.
  • Low maintenance or “maintenance free”
  • Voltages up to 690V or higher using step up transformer
  • Unlimited kVAr delivery rating.

Equaliser Features explained:

1.Switching module

The key to the super fast capacitor bank switching lies within the heart of the switching module. Its comprises of solid state switching elements that provide reliable,high speed ,transient
free operation.

Single, double or three phase switching is available.

Switching modules are designed specifically for the capacitor bank groups, current requirements and voltage rating.


The controller comprises of a digital signal processor (DSP). This unit has 9 input channels and 4 voltage input channels. The information gathered is used in a fast fourier transform (FFT). An advanced algorithim, which is patent pending, calculates the fast compensation faster than 1m/s.

3. Capacitor/reactor module

The Elspec equalizer capacitor cans are MKP-type capacitors which are low loss units (0.25w/Kvar) housed in cylindrical aluminium casings. The MKP type cylinder cans contain metalized polypropylene films with self-healing properties and an overpressure tear off fuse.

To reduce the effects of electrical and thermal overload and to extend the life expectancy of the units, the capacitors connect during zero current crossing and operate in a time sharing mode called SCAN.

4. Reactor

Reactors are manufactured under tight control measures to ensure the quality required. They are constructed with quality laminated, low hysteresis loss iron cores, copper windings, precision controlled air gaps and Class H insulation (180 C).

Types of reactors :

In-rush – Reactors design to limit in rush current during start up of the capacitor.

De-tuned – Prevent resonance conditions by shifting the capacitor/network resonant frequency to below the first dominant harmonic ( usually the 5 or 7 resonant)

Tuned – Desgined to absorb a majority of the dominant harmonics usually 5 or 7.

5. Capacitors

The Equaliser switches capacitor groups on and off using state of the art electronic odules/switches. The connection and disconnection of the capacitor banks are controlled by the Equaliser switching module which ensures that this occurs are precisely zero-current crossing. This smooth connection and disconnection guarantees smooth transient free switching, unlike the electromechanically switched (PFC) units. It also extends the life of the Equaliser capacitor banks.

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