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Reticulation & Distribution Conductor Gauges

What is the Conductor gauge ?

The LLT Reticulation & Distribution gauge is a patented tool that is fitted onto the end of a link stick, to accurately & effortlessly measure the diameter of the conductor and provides quick identification.

How does it work ?

It measures the different sizes of overhead conductors as small as bantam and as large as dinosaur by a colour coded sliding gauge and band which allows the conductor to move lower into it by the varying thicknesses of the conductor. The smaller conductors will continue to move to the furtherest point of the gauge whilst the thicker conductors will wedge at the entry point.

Where do I use this gauge?

In the field -It can be used in the field by simply connecting it to the flower end of the link stick and then position it over the overhead conductor. The duplicate colour coded band is left with the operator, who often places it on a toolbox , at the end of the stick or wherever the operator chooses.

The Live Line Technology Conductor gauge is utilised live line and from the ground level, making field operations safer and less time consuming.

In stores - Identification is done by means of a simplified duplicate colour coding system, on the gauge and one with the operator. The product can be used by storemen and is ideal for use in the training of apprentices, or just for quick identification & reassurance.

Available from sales :

Part number : LLT-RETG1 (Reticulation gauge)
LLT-DISG2 (Distribution gauge)

Contact sales at :
Int: (0027) 468 3344
Tel: (018) 468 3344
Fax: (018) 468 3303

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