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Transformer Combi unit installations

The following installations vary from different municipalities and Eskom regions across South Africa. Transformer Combi unit installations were implemented to eliminate transformer failures whilst others were installed to upgrade old networks. All installations to date have revealed that they are providing guaranteed transformer protection.

Vereeniging Municipality installations. Surge arrestors are removed from the tank. Previously Eskom Tsc. in Machadadorp was losing 3x (three) 315Kva transformers at this Vodacom tower. After the Transformer Combi and Firewall Installation no losses have been recorded since the year 2005.
Klerksdorp Municipality. Previously, 1x (one) 100kva transformer was lost per annum. The only unit that is now being replaced is the surge arrestor on the centre phase. Mr. Bassons installation is in difficult terrain, on the side of a hill. Eskom did not want to take the chance of losing another transformer as a new unit requires the usage of a crane. A firewall was placed one pole away and a Transformer Combi unit at the transformer.
A 22kv 150kva transformer protected by a Transformer Combi unit and Firewall . A field operator replacing a live line surge arrestor in the Combi unit from ground level. No customer outage was necessary.
A 22kv transformer, Solid links and a Transformer Combi unit protecting the transformer. A 22kv transformer, at the end of a line protected by a Transformer Combi unit.
This MTN tower receives a lot of lightning activity. A firewall and Transformer Combi unit protects this installation. A 150kva transformer at the end of a line protected by a Transformer Combi unit.

Live Line surge arrestor installations (Firewalls)

The following are examples of Firewall installations placed on 11kv/22kv overhead networks.

An 11kv firewall installation on the middle of a network that experiences high lightning density. One of the surge arrestors is spent and needs replacement to ensure protection on that phase. This can be done with a link stick, from ground level. No customer outage necessary. An 11kv installation protecting overhead bundled conductor.
A 22KV installation in Witbank. A 22kv firewall installation protecting the 22kv line from flashover.
An 11kv firewall installation protecting an auto-recloser from lightning. ( a firewall is placed either side of expensive primary equipment eg. transformers, CT/VT metering units, voltage regulators and sectionalizers.)

Spent surge arrestors

A spent surge arrestor is a dangerous situation because expensive equipment is left vulnerable to surges and lightning. Spent surge arrestors need to be replaced as soon as possible. Unfortunately, surge arrestor maintenance is not always given the priority it deserves, as seen in photographs below.

Some electrical utilities try experiment with 2x (two) surge arrestors per phase at the transformer to try share the discharge through both arrestors. This theory does not work in practice and often both units blow without ever being replaced. Surge arrestors need to be installed at points to protect underground cable. All three surge arrestors on in this picture are spent.
A critical Vodacom tower installation with 9x (nine) surge arrestors installed. All three tank surge arrestors spent and another on the centre phase. This transformer was lost. A 50kva transformer with two out three surge arrestors spent. This transformer is left vulnerable to surges and lightning.
A pole-mounted transformer with a spent surge arrestor on the extreme right. A 50kva, 11kv pole-mounted transformer with the centre phase surge arrestor spent.
A blown 25kva transformer at a Eskom store, with a spent 22kv surge arrestor. This 315kva transformer has a spent 22kv surge arrestor on the extreme left. (top phase)
Poor surge arrestor maintenance, with 2 (two) surge arrestors blown. These are old porcelain units. Poor surge arrestor maintenance. The silicon rubber housed surge arrestor on the extreme right is spent. The irony here is that the older porcelain units are still connected to the transformer, but may be spent too, due to their age.

Lightning Pictures

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