Ps 135:7 "The Lord Jesus causes the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth, He makes lightning for the rain, He brings the wind out of His treasuries"

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Emergency Linesman Lighting

  • 8 hours @ 5600 lumens (equivalent to daylight) & 14 hours of @ 2300 lumens
  • Indestructible outer Hardcase designed for military use
  • Lights up to a 10 Meter radius.
  • IP65 rating for complete unit.
  • Portable unit , weighs 10 kg with battery & spotlight.
  • Charge within 7 hours, charge while burning function.
Linesman Lighting Accessories

Part No. - 9432


Part No. - 9436

12v/24vdc Car charger

Part No. - 9435

LED Lighting Head

Part No. - 9430T

Tri-pod with extension

Advantages of the Linesman Light
  1. Up to 14 Hours of backup light, enough for a full shift
  2. Perfect for emergency situations.
  3. Portable (No generators needed)
  4. LED Technology provides white light.
  5. Waterproof & durable.

Part number : LLT-LLIGHTMINI

Part number : LLT-LLIGHT1

Part number : LLT-LLIGHT2

Part number : LLT-LLIGHT4

1 - Light intensity

Live Line Technology is pleased to announce that they have a range of remote area lighting systems which consists of maintenance free LED portable lighting products. LLT has now become a major supplier of maintenance free 'green', low carbon footprint range of LED-based floodlighting to a variety of industries.

Using state of the art high intensity LED technology, light duration depending on the product can range from 8 to 60 hours of use from a single charge. The capacity of each lighting head or 'pod' is 2000 lumens at full power, and approximately 30% reduction at the economy power level however, one must also consider the "light colour" which is rated at 6000 kelvin. This is the most efficient lighting intensity or colour that one can use when working, bearing in mind that natural midday light is rated at 5600 kelvin.

Each lighting head projects a beam up to 10 metres whilst delivering full constant 8 hrs continuous burn at full power and 14 hrs continuous burn at the economy level.

High intensity LED light produces a better output than any authorized lighting in existence. The heads of the units can be pivoted around to face any direction and in the case of the four head light system, can illuminate four directions at once which would minimize slip, trip or fall likelihood because of better vision.

Lights up bigger areas – maybe specify a radius. Therefore, more work can be done with less equipment. Improved lighting means that work done, particularly that of a delicate nature, can be done more efficiently and effectively as the work area is easily viewed.

2 – Portability

The lighting systems are self-contained, highly portable, truly maintenance free, silent running and exclude the need for external generators. No more tripping over cables, no noise, no hazardous fuel, fumes, heat issues or fragile globes. They also solve the biggest bugbear of all by there being no need to assemble a jumble of kit to do the job. Designed as glass-free, there is no chance of breakage, a common issue with traditional lighting products with the range offering up to 60 hours of light from a 7hr charge time – including a built-in low battery warning system.

The items are compact and purpose-built for manual handling. All have handles in appropriate places are easily carried and come as a complete unit with no need for tripods, and supplementary lighting heads.

3 - Recharging

The lights are totally rechargeable from a 12 0r 24 volt DC or 220 volt AC supply and from empty take only 7 hrs to charge to maximum. Most importantly, these units can be charged whilst the lights are burning. The batteries used are “Gel acid rechargeable” type. All units come with a fully extendable mast allowing 360 degree pivoting. There are also a range of optional tripods, back packs and vehicle chargers.

All units are powered by 12v sealed gel maintenance free batteries which can be replaced locally. They drive RoHS compliant electronics with solid state high efficiency circuitry and micro processor controlled parameters – allowing the option for customers to choose their own unique settings programmed in for them. They are all controlled via maintenance free silicone rubber control keypads.

4 – Durability

The light head and body are constructed of chemical and oil resistant toughened glass-filled nylon, with a base produced from a super impact absorbent elastomer, making them virtually indestructible. Cased products are supplied in life-time guaranteed waterproof cases, with easy operation press & pull latches, proprietary Vortex pressure valves and durable soft-feel handles.

The lights have been tried and tested by Safety and Rescue services, Military Services and railways around the world. They have also been approved as standard stock items in British Rail, New York metro rail and a number of railway systems throughout Europe. The US military have also standardized on the range. These lights come with a 15 year guarantee if used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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