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Telescopic Link Stick/Hotstick

With the new blue stripe ALIGNMENT indicator. Manufactured in USA

What is a Telescopic Link stick/Hotstick used for?

Telescopic Link sticks or Hotsticks are used by linesman to open and close solid links (open/close circuits) on overhead lines. Linesman use telescopic link sticks to carry out maintenance operations on links, fuses, live line surge arrestors and rocker isolators. These are used to provide restoration of power to sectionalised sections of overhead networks without having to climb poles. Telescopic link sticks are available in different lengths, as overhead lines in different regions (countries) differ in design and dimensions (heights vary from utility to utility).

LLT Telescopic Link sticks are available from 2 meter lengths for bucket operation (7 foot) to 15 meter lengths for HV lines (50 foot). Most popular voltages are reticulation lines ranging from 3kv to 132kv lines, whether it be in substation switching, overhead operations in a cherry picker, or simply maintenance carried out from ground level.Live Line Technology Blue Line Telescopic link sticks have features which include the longest, lightest and easy to use sticks in the medium voltage electrical market.

The units are manufactured in accordance with International test requirements ASTM D149 which is the 100kv/30cm dielectric withstand test & mechanical requirements in ASTM D711, & ASTM F1826, and in accordance with IEC 855.

Available from sales ;

1) Part number : LLT-LINK2 (2M Telescopic/Hotstick link stick)
2) Part number : LLT-LINK5 (5M Telescopic/Hotstick link stick)
3) Part number : LLT-LINK7 (7M Telescopic/Hotstick link stick)
4) Part number : LLT-LINK8 (8M Telescopic/Hotstick link stick)
5) Part number : LLT-LINK9 (9M Telescopic/Hotstick link stick)
6) Part number : LLT-LINK11 (11M Telescopic/Hotstick link stick link stick
7) Part number : LLT-LINK12 (12M Telescopic/Hotstick link stick link stick
8) Part number : LLT-LINK15 (15M Telescopic/Hotstick link stick link stick
9) Part number : LLT-BAG (Yellow bag to house link stick)

Available at LLT sales :

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What are it’s features ?

Eskom approved hotstick / link sticks SAP 021 2806 number D-DT-12600

This hotstick / telescopic stick, is extendable into different lengths and when fully extendable is from 2M to 15M, depending on which unit is purchased. We provide the only 15m link stick in the market.

The cylindrical shaft has provides mechanical strength to the unit. Manufactured in the USA, meeting all the necessary international certification.

The unit is supplied with a yellow bag & end piece which is used for opening & closing links and other overhead devices.


Patented blue line

The blue line telescopic link stick (Hotstick) is equipped with a blue line down the spline of the unit and with a insertion tool. Simply align the blue stripes and all the buttons align wih their corresponding holes. No time is wasted when aligning the link stick when the unit is needed to be extended.


Maximum Tensile strength

The LLT blue line hotstick / telescopic link stick, comes with a tip lock operational feature standard. The operator can simply lock the end section into the second to the last section if necessary to obtain, maximum flexural/tensile strength from the extended stick to open/ close equipment.

Lightest telescopic link stick in the market

The LLT blue line fibreglass link stick is the newest generation of fibreglass link stick to enter the electrical market. The stick has been engineered to include more fibreglass material only where it is needed to provide the highest strength and removed where it is not needed. The result is a telescopic link able to withstand the vigourous daily operations carried out by linesman and still offer the utmost in lightweight and portability. The outside surface texture provides a positive gripping surface even in wet conditions. All operating buttons are CNC machined from very high in strength and water resistant engineered solid polymer rods to provide maximum mechanical strength.

Ezee tip

All instruments are equipped with a Ezee tip function. An allen key at the end of the unit allows the user to loosen the flower end and replace the unit if it gets damaged. No more complete disassembly of the stick in case maintenance needs to be done and the flower replaced. This saves time and removes the cost implications of sending the complete unit to the manufacturer for a complete repair.


High grade fibreglass

All instruments are manufactured from the highest grade electrical rated fibreglass and meet or exceed all applicable industry performance criteria including ASTM F711, ASTM F1826, and OSHA 1926.951(d)

Link stick/Hotstick Accessories

1 - Durable link stick/hotstick bag

All bags are made from durable, waterproof material that fits all sized link sticks from 2M - 15M. These protect the unit from scratching and damage & also makes carrying the unit easier.

Link Stick Bag

2 – LLT Insertion Tool

What is the LLT Insertion Tool?

The LLT insertion tool has been tested to ensure safety & effortless replacement of Combi unit & Firewall surge arrestors for Eskom personnel in the field. It is made from aluminium to provide a rustproof , light but durable unit.

It has specifically been designed to carry heavier units such as the 11kv & 22kv Live Line Technology surge arrestors, but will also work on all the standard fuse tubes already in the field. The unit fits at the end of any link stick, by means of the standard rose connection at the bottom of the unit.

What are its features?

Insertion Slot - It has a special slot which carries both the Eskom fuse link & LLT surge arrestors. This helps for centre of gravity when it comes to Inserting the heavier units such as the LLT surge arrestors. It fits at the end of the flower end of any link stick

Removal Hook – The hook is an easy way of clipping the surge arrestor & fuse carrier unit, out of its carrier. Once it is clipped out, it can be positioned in its slot or carried down It can also be.

  1. Easier to use (due to the slot function)
  2. Safer than any other insertion tool
  3. Quicker.
  4. More efficient - Centre of gravity improved.
  5. Universal - It fits at the end of the flower end of any link stick, all fuse carriers & LLT surge arrestors

Fuse carrier functionality
  1. The Fuse carrier has an ear which is easily inserted in the slot. (upside down)
  2. The hinge is exposed providing easier insertion.
  3. Safer & Time saving up 50% faster to replace fuse.

Surge arrestor functionality
  1. The surge arrestor has an ear which is easily inserted in the slot. (upside down)
  2. The surge arrestor also fits into the insertion tool.
  3. Safer & Time saving up 95% faster to replace the live line surge arrestor

3 – LLT Torch Link

Part number – LLT-TORCH

The LLT Torch link, is a unit which operates as a torch inbetween the Link stick and the insertion tool. It provides many hours of light without affecting normal operation of the link stick.

The LEDs are very efficient and use minimal amount of energy the batteries will last for months.

It is to be used at night or on poor visibility conditions, and is in place to improve the safety and efficiency of linesman in the field of service.

LED Light


Insulated Rescue Stick:
Insulated rescue sticks are to be used to remove an injured person in the event of an arc flash incident at a switching sub-station. learn more...

Available at LLT sales :

Int: (002718) 468 5080
Tel: (018) 468 5080
Fax: (086) 667 2900
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