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Medium voltage Rocker Switch

Medium voltage rocker switches are used for sectionalising overhead lines.

Rocker switches are available in distribution voltages from 3,3kv , 6,6kv , 11kv , 22kv and 33kv.

These 3 Phase operated units, allow a linesman to open the switch by means of a telescopic link stick. Units can be opened on load up to 630A and bigger units at 1250A, the nominal voltages being 33kv.

Automated (GSM) operated units are available for private overhead lines that cannot be accessed by the linesman.

These three phase switching devices are ideal for sectionalising large sections of overhead lines for the industry , mines and larger urban areas.


Schedule A
Schedule B
Rated mainly active load breaking current (I1) A 400 630A
Rated closed loop breaking current (I2a) A 400 630A
Rated no-load transformer breaking current (I3) A 5 16A
Rated cable-charging breaking current (I4a) A 16 4A
Rated line-charging breaking current (I4b) A 1.5 4A
Rated short-circuit making current (Ima) kA 7.5 7.5kA
Rated peak withstand current peak kA 20 62.5kA
Rated Insulation Level
Power frequency wet withstand (60 s) peak kV 150 170
Impulse withstand (1,2/50 Ph-to-ground) r.m.s kV 50 70
Impulse withstand(1,2/50 across isolating distance) peak kV 170 190
Isolating distance mm xxx 500
Lifting lugs   Yes Yes
Latching mechanism   Yes Yes
Method of operation   Ganged Ganged
Operating mechanism   Portable link-stick Portable link-stick
Opening action   Pull Pull
Closing action   Pull Pull
Min. no. of maintenance free operations   xxxx 1000
Moveable contact   xxxx Copper
Fixed contact   xxxx Copper
Contact spring   xxxx Stainless
Current carrying elements   xxxx Copper
Mounting brackets   xxxx Steel
Finish on ferrous parts   xxxx Hot dip galvanizing
Contact pressure method, if not spring   xxxx Spring

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