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Protective leathers


Protective gloves also known as protective leathers are fitted over the rubber gloves used by linesman on overhead lines for live line work up to 33kv. These units prevent the rubber gloves from damage and deterioration by providing a strong leather outer layer.

The protective leather is a cost effective safety precaution against damage to the expensive live line rubber glove.

Sizes are available in from 8 to 12

Part numbers are :
LLT-GLOVE8 (small)
LLT-GLOVE9 (medium)
LLT-GLOVE10 (large)
LLT-GLOVE10 (extra large)

For queries on these please contact the live-line sales team using the part numbers above.

Available at LLT sales :

Int: (002718) 468 5080
Tel: (018) 468 5080
Fax: (086) 667 2900
E :