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Transformer Combi Unit - Surge Protection

Function: Protects Transformers from Lightning

The Transformer Combi Unit protects distribution transformers (50kva-300kva) against lightning & surges, on reticulation lines ranging from 3kv-33kv. It holds both the fuse carrier & live line surge arrestor in a parallel configuration which is the most electrically accepted configuration for dealing with over voltage surges & lightning transients.

Download COMBI SPEC.pdf (File Size:93kb)

Unique Surge Arrestor alert.

The surge arrestor is critical to the operation of the Transformer Combi unit. Once the surge arrestor has been spent, it alerts the operator by dropping out. The Transformer Combi Unit, has a facility on its pole clamp, for the spare Surge Arrestor which then can be replaced on the spot.

Replace the Fuse carrier & Surge Arrestor with a Link Stick.

Electrical Utilities experience no more transformer losses and reduce outages. The maintenance procedure for Surge Arrestors is made more effective.

Elimination of outages

The Customer experiences a much better quality of supply, due to the surge arrestor’s enhanced protection capabilities, protecting both the transformer and fuse.

Reduction in single phasing

A 100% reduction in single phasing due to the fact that the fuse remains healthy during lightning storms.

Advantages of the Combi Unit

  1. Change Surge Arrestor & Fuse from ground
  2. Nuisance Fusing Eliminated.
  3. Convenient to Maintain.
  4. No Customer Outage for maintenance.
  5. 100% Ensured Transformer Surge Protection
  6. Enhances Safety during Maintenance.
  7. Unique Surge Arrestor Alert.
  8. Change Surge Arrestor & Fuse Live Line.
The Combi Configuration

Fuse benefits :

Fuse is connected in a parallel configuration.
Nuisance fuse blows eliminated.
100% Reduction in single phasing occurrences.
Both Fuse and Surge Arrestor changed from ground.
Unplanned Outages eliminated.
Fuse protected by the Surge Arrestor
Fuse problems :

x Fuse connected in series.
x Nuisance Fuse Blows High.
x Staff under pressure during multiple fuse blows.
x High rates of Overtimes.
x Staff exposed to hazardous conditions.
x High Outage Time & Transport costs.


Surge Arrestor Benefits :

The Surge Arrestor protects the Transformer & Fuse.
Surge Arrestor alerts operator, when it is damaged.
The Surge Arrestor can be changed Live Line.
Change Surge Arrestor immediately with link stick.
Maintain from ground.
A healthy Surge Arrestor is present at all times.
Surge Arrestor problems :

x Conducting Surge Arrestors blow fuses.
x No way of knowing when Surge Arrestor is spent.
x Surge Arrestor has no Live Line Capabilities.
x +/- 3 Hrs to change the Surge Arrestor.
x Unsafe maintenance of Surge Arrestors.
x Arrestors don’t get maintained.



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