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Smart PMT - Transformer Monitoring

  • Create visibility.
  • Monitored via GSM networks (sends emails or sms)
  • GPS location.
  • Quick installation.
  • User friendly software

Theft notification
  • Notification for mains failure (Should all three phase be lost meter will send a final message stating mains failure. This could indicate the loss of a transformer/substation or cable theft from HV side)
  • Should load side be measured either directly or via CT connection load balancing can be visualised and corrective measures implemented.
  • Over and under voltage flagging can be done and reported to a central reporting location/call centre(All this will be automated and integrated).
  • Motion and detection tampers can be fitted or added
  • Sounder alarms can be added

Outage notification (Fuse blow/Surge arrester)
  • Drop out surge arrestors due to lightning strike
  • Fuse size reduction to actual protection limits
  • Total disconnection on transformer line feed when sure arrestor is blown (Protecting the transformer from a unprotected line surge)
  • Early detection on phase loss(Due to surge arrestor operation or possible theft on HV feed side)

Monitoring (Overload and power quality notification)
  • Overload warning on transformer usage and possible load disconnection via contactors
  • 3 Phase Load disconnection via contactor when phase failure occurs(Protecting consumer equipment)
  • Should loads be lost on the LV side consumers can be notified via sms or email(Can be used to indicate cable theft from transformer to consumer)
  • Meter has 6 x Digital inputs and 4 x Aux out puts which can switch relays to assist with contactor switching etc
  • Meter is a 4 quadrant (Internal connection Max 100A class 0.5 and External connection via CT`s Class 1 meter) meter with bidirectional communication and bidirectional metering storing import and export Kwh in separate registers.
  • Installation data capturing with GPS locations is done and thus plotted on a map for easy referencing. Call centres can assist teams with point specific locations and also more detailed info to make respond times much faster and more cost effective.

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