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THVD High Voltage Detector (contact type)

Part No - LLT-THVD

What is the LLT High Voltage detector used for ?

Detectors are utilized to determine if a system is live or not, so that it may be safely earthed/grounded. Models are available to cover systems voltage from 6.6kV to 132kV.

How does the unit work?

The THVD's are self starting and automatically activated when the High Voltage is applied to the contact electrode. They can also be manually armed before use by depressing the "TEST/ARMING" button. The THVD have a low battery detection which inhibit manual arming when the battery is too low.

A visual indication shows when the THVD is armed. When armed, the Green Leds flash twice per second.

These detectors are intended for use on sinusoidal (50 or 60Hz) High Voltage Systems.

Voltage range (6,6kv - 132kv)
- Designed to meet the latest IEC standards
  • LLT-THVD - 6.6kV - 132kV

Capacitive High Voltage Detectors are housed in a rugged, reinforced nylon moulded casing and are shock, drop and vibration resistant.


Accessories: Carry Case
Cleaning Kit
Rose connector
Y-Type contact, 16mm hook.
Dimensions: 180mm (length) x 100mm (diameter)
Power source: 9V battery
Weight: 600g

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Part number : LLT-THVD
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